You’re probably here because life has turned upside down! During this unprecedented time, it feels like we're on a roller coaster - feeling up one moment, down the next. Most parents are putting on a great front - smiling on the outside, while sometimes freaking out on the inside! All this grief, loss and uncertainty is making us a little crazy...

Many are at home with our kids. Continuously working hard to stay calm, and set a good example. We know kids are sensitive to the emotions of people around them. If you're stressed, your kids feel it and act out. All this effort, stress and fear can make everything chaotic and worrying!

 As a former teacher and successful school administrator, I understand!

You may not know what to do or where to turn. 

You might be thinking: 

  • "Parenting right now is really tough. My patience seems to have reached an all-time low, and I'm snapping at the drop of a hat."
  • "I'm vacillating between feeling like I've got it together  - empowered & motivated -  and then BAM! suddenly I'm defeated & powerless - what's wrong with me?"
  • "I'm frozen or stuck, going round in circles and no matter what I try, I just can't keep this up. I just don't know which way to turn... or where to focus next?"
  • "I'm feeling tired and frustrated. Stressed out, overwhelmed. I'm  drained and can't find solid ground. I'm not eating, sleeping or doing anything 'right'!"
  • "I'm experiencing the four R's - resistance, resentment, repression and rejection and life is beginning to SUCK"
  • "I find myself walking on eggshells with my family. I've tried giving-up, giving-in or going-along - just to keep the peace... nothing's working!"

In this unique crisis, the blueprint of our inner Selves, what makes us who we are, is being tested and reshaped!

Although no one has all the answers, now is the time to double your SELF-CARE, REQUEST SUPPORT and GET CONNECTED with others who are sharing this too.  

Can you think of a time when your back was against the wall, then something showed up that was just right for you? This is it!

YOU are the hero in your life.

YOU have the capacity to recognize this opportunity to stretch and grow.

YOU can allow yourself to REACH OUT!


I help parents navigate challenging events, process difficult experiences, and resolve uncomfortable emotions. This is my training, passion and personal specialty... so, you've found the right place!

Just know... you're not broken, dysfunctional, lost or alone!
The whole world is experiencing GRIEF, as we struggle with:
  • Constant news reports of contagious illness, scarcity, panic and death
  • Loss of our freedom, control, predictability and personal space or privacy
  • Total uncertainty and lack of normal routines
  • Missing family, friends, regular social contacts, connections
  • Strained relationships
  • Fear for our own health and the safety of others
  • Lay-offs, shut downs, loss of work or changing roles
  • Loss of dreams, fuzzy futures, and lack of hope

...the worries keep on coming! 

Surprisingly, Nature prepared us for this. When a crisis happens and we are unsure what to do, we instinctively look around to focus on what others are doing to regain direction and support. 
Sometimes what we see is silly... like panic buying and hoarding of toilet paper... but that's forgivable when you understand that for many, it's the only form of safety and control they're able to express. 

 Common sense, reason and personal leadership are needed more than ever!

For now, 'long-term' has been redefined.

No one knows what next week or next month will bring. We are in the process of forging a new 'normal'. What was once easy, now sometimes feels beyond our scope.  
So, if you're panicking in private, freaking out on the inside...  it's time to reach out, get support, reconnect and find solid ground.
Whether you're a mother, father, teacher, frontline worker, business leader -  now's the time to RECEIVE. You can't give what you haven't got. It's a time to find a tribe, share support, and co-regulate.  Because, 

A shared burden, is a lightened burden. 

GRIEF is not a permanent state of being. 

>>>  Let's Talk about... turning chaos into clarity during this crisis <<<


Ok. Would it feel better if...

... You knew if, when and how to navigate the emotional turmoil?
... You there was support to know where to draw the line ...without feeling selfish or guilty?
... You had a safe, non-judgmental space to express your feelings, thoughts or ask questions?
... You could share ideas, suggestions and vision for moving forward in the new world?

So now, just imagine...  

... Making clear, careful decisions based on what YOU want, with wise counsel
... Being truly appreciated for the process your experiencing 
... Having others acknowledge, accept and deeply connect with you
... Creatively do more and feel GOOD - on Purpose - without guilt and worry!

Right now, it's really important to reach out and get support as you:

- manage your state of mind while carrying many burdens

- deal with your own thoughts and emotions, while navigating everyone else's too

- maintain strong relationships at home and contribute to the community

make wise, careful decisions and plans

This is the time to surround yourself with people who understand and can help you decide your smallest, next best step in the right direction, in that moment. Knowing that as you are choosing how to move forward, you can say to yourself “I'm making this decision right now because these are the alternatives I’m aware of” and confidently take a step.

In these unprecedented times, if you're like many of my clients, you'd rather:

  • share the burden and be recognized for your efforts and good intentions
  • feel connected and sincerely appreciated for what you're doing and how you are being
  • gain tools to navigate the ups and downs, so you're safe, acknowledged and accepted 
  • know others are there to take care of you too
  • come through this stronger, wiser and more capable than you ever thought possible 

Take this step to get your life back!


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>>>  Let's Talk about... turning chaos into clarity during this crisis <<<


Check out what others have experienced during our time together...

"... everything as a whole is now better! I find the biggest change is feeling true to myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the help you've given me..."   ~ KK, Trenton, ON
"Lorraine, your insight and experience are so valuable because you helped me  understand where the shifts were needed. Now I feel much better about myself." ~NW - Quinte
"My thoughts and emotions were more scrambled than scrambled eggs. I felt guilty for the part I played. My obsession with the narcissistic-Ex left me feeling like a sham in front of my friends. It felt like I was a walking, talking empty shell, faking a pretence normality. Little by little I'm moving on the right path, noticing life getting better. Thank you so much for guiding me." ~Margie




This is what I call

'Better Living!' 

Want that?  It can be yours.

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<<< Let's Talk about... turning chaos to clarity during this crisis<<<<<<

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 ... everything as a whole is now good! I find the biggest change is that I feel true to myself. I am very confident and justified that my limits are well within reason - I've had to stand my ground with a few people recently. The other part is that I no longer feel concerned that I might offend someone. Life has become enjoyable again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the help you've given me...   ~ KK, Trenton, ON