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An online club exclusively for professionals 40+ who are serious about finding their life partner

Why join us?

  • meet interesting like-minded professionals who happen to be single

  • exclusive invitation-only membership

  • regular online meetings encourage members get to know each other in a casual, playful and genuine way

  • learn effective relationship skills and make dating smoother and more enjoyable

  • and... live coaching to get your dating questions answered by two relationship experts

Hey, get out of the

frog pond! 😉

Who is this for?

You're a successful, conscious professional. And... friends describe you as "single and seriously searching".

Good friends understand you're genuine, fun-loving, and enjoy meeting like-minded people in a casual environment.

We know you're sick of 'kissing frogs' and making small talk.

You'd prefer to spend time with people who are having fun and are intrigued by interesting topics and conversations.

Perhaps you set an intention in the past to find others with similar values...

...and you've been waiting for a 'sign'

Well, here it is. Now ... just click the button to apply.

Become a member of this specially-vetted group.

Meet Your Guides

Barbara Katz



Barbara works with successful professionals age 40+ from around the world who are ready to find their life partner.   She’s a LIVE event provider for the dating site, a trained Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute and holds a Practitioner Certification from NLP Canada.   Her unique approach uncovers her clients’ blind spots and gives them a new outlook and skill sets to have long-lasting happiness in there love life.

Lorraine LaPointe



Lorraine works with conscious business owners, leaders and mission driven entrepreneurs to uncover subconscious self-sabotage and more easily create deep connection in relationships. Recognized for her leadership in education, she is certified as a Hypnotherapist and trained as a Co-Active Coach. Her unique process results in feeling calmer, healthier and more in-control, so you enjoy the satisfaction and empowerment you so richly deserve and desire.

What happens at the club?

The SYNERGY Social Club is a special place for conversation and inspiring connections. This is a gathering of professionals and business owners who are as serious about finding love, as they are about having fun.

BUT... it's much more than a simple "Meet and Greet"...!

Accessible wherever you are in the world, the club encourages you to relax and show up as your authentic Self. With your interests in mind, we play games, share ideas, decode dating questions and explore singles top of mind topics, such as:

- understand the art and science nuances of communication

- reveal your personal patterns to gain better dating results

- interpret the body language of both sexes

- write a great online profile

- discover how to stay out of the Friend-Zone

- how to plan a successful 1st (2nd?) date

- learn how to know if someone's interested in YOU

- know when a lady wants to be kissed

...and so much more.

Members Have Said...

"It's exhausting and soul-sucking to search for the Right-One all the wrong places."

"Time after time when I get home and close the front door, a sense of aloneness settles into my bones."

Many know that after years of online dating, endless set-ups, meeting friends at the too-loud-to-talk-bars, and disappointing rounds of super-sonic-speed-dating, your self-confidence bottoms out as the inner self-sabotage kicks into over-drive.

"I know in my heart, there must be an easier way!"

There is... let us tell you about it.

How can I join?

Simply apply to see if this group is a good fit for you.

Click the button, fill out the form.

Barbara Katz and Lorraine LaPointe (Club Organizers) will be in touch soon.

Time & Logistics

  • Monthly camera-on zoom sessions

  • Time: 7-9 pm ET

  • Accessible anywhere you are in the world with Wi-Fi

  • Optional games nights and additional interest based activities for VIP members

High Value

  • Unique program and opportunity

  • First introductory experience is FREE

  • Membership:

$997 for 12 months (two months FREE) or

$297 for 3 months ...less than a night out for two!

  • VIP Upgrade

$397 for 3 months * upgrades available on application approval

  • Easy-subscriptions with Paypal or Stripe

Get Fast Results

  • Received LIVE coaching with two expert guides, Q & A sessions, specific skills training and facilitated games/activities

  • Consistently practice dating skills as you connect with like-minded professionals in a vetted group for age range and serious desire for a committed relationship

  • Enjoy a relaxed, playful, casual atmosphere as you are explore intriguing conversations as you get to know someone at a deeper level

  • VIP UpGrade: more easily connecting with someone you find attractive as message requests can be sent privately to the moderators prior to small group breakouts

A Social Club not for you?

There are other options...


maybe you relate to feeling...

  • Frustrated because the life of your dreams is just that - still a dream.
  • Uncomfortable and criticized by your inner monologue, challenged by what you think or do, and worried about what others think too.
  • Ashamed of your SECRET and when you see others flirting or having an easy time with the opposite sex, you wonder, "When's it my turn?"
  • Excited about meeting some fun, cool people, but knowing how and where to meet quality people is a challenge!
  • Comfortable with professional colleagues, but connecting with someone attractive is awkward, like you're 14 again.
  • Self-Doubt creeping in - how will you even recognize your Right-Fit Partner...?

We believe you are...



however, right now...


Hi, we're Lorraine & Barbara!

Our mission is to support single conscious accomplished professionals - like you, who are ready to up level the LOVE in life.

We have found that it's important to recognize that our most valuable experiences involve great connections and strong personal relationships.

We agree that YOU also deserve to feel deeply cherished, appreciated and loved.

Growing up no one taught us how to have a “conscious relationship”, and most of us were raised in a culture that values production over connection.

As a child, we were taught to believe that we would earn love WHEN...

... we had ACHIEVED enough (performed well)

... we had GIVEN enough (pleased everyone)

... we were 'GOOD' enough (worthy of being seen and heard)

Does that seem true for you, too?

It's a fact that our world has changed. Suddenly, many are finding themselves single and alone!

So, now you're single again and long to find a loving committed partner.

We understand that feeling. You want to be somebody's special one.

Dating and relationships have become more complex. For many, reaching out feels foreign - and no one has taught you the language!

It's far more challenging than when we were young. When we were 14 it was okay to be awkward, but now we want to be confident even though we have more questions, more worries, more uncertainties, more unknowns...

We totally get it!

Regrettably, most Dating and Relationship Coaches work independently giving only one perspective and talk about how to fix problems, how to communicate better, and how to smooth over differences.

Although this is important, it doesn’t touch the deeper things we have found to benefit our clients, because they receive twice the value, with twice the experience, and all the years of insight into aligning heart and mind - which we know is the KEY!

You may be wondering specifically how we're different from “any other coach” who promises big things. Good question!

In our programs, we explore:

  • ...why your inner voices judge you and others and the "innercises" that release you from comparison, criticism and self-sabotage - you STOP playing the shame, blame, game!

  • heart and mind can align to ensure you confidently attract that Right-Fit love relationship that lights you up and empowers you to shine brilliantly in the world

  • you move beyond the overwhelm of sifting through the myriad of practices and promises and gain clarity to recognize what fits best for you, and frees you to live a life with more LOVE

but here is the thing...

We’ve been passionate about transforming lives for a long time. Having faced and overcome our own struggles and the 10 Inner Saboteurs, we’ve spent years developing and refining our unique formula for transformational success. You won’t find it any where else.

Working together,

  • We help you find the courage and confidence to receive more Love in your life.
  • We dig deep to discover the root of what holds you back from fulfilling relationships
  • We help you achieve permanent, life long shifts so you are ready to meet the Special One

Often in as little as 3 months

...sometimes, even sooner!

Our process has transformed the lives of others around the globe, so it doesn't matter where you are.



Powerful mini guide including 20+ journal prompts to help overcome blocks, think positively about your future, and find the next step toward the life you desire!


Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just need a sprinkle of zen? Get my free relaxation audio which you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Yes! It's time to up level the LOVE in your life.

With a combination of unique experiences and modalities, we empower you to produce rapid inner change and quantum outer shifts.

Together we get to the heart of what’s really going on in your life. We introduce you to a community of fun, quality people, so you upgrade your connections and unlock a whole new world of potential & possibilities.

here are the ways we can work together


Exclusive 1-1 Coaching Package


A comprehensive 3 or 6 month journey where we uncover the root cause of what’s holding you back and rewire your heart-mind alignment to stop self-sabotage, so you can live passionately with more LOVE in your life.

With TWO Coaches, our clients report rapid results, emotional breakthroughs and lasting transformation on an incredibly deep level.


By-invitation-only for PROFESSIONALS


A gathering of like-minded, accomplished and conscious professionals that meet each month to laugh, play and enjoy intriguing conversation in a fun, casual environment.

Meet quality people who want to support you in up-leveling your love-life fast! Gain the confidence and answers to your questions, you're empowered to reach out and recognize your Right Fit Person.



A personalized, private 3 month program using an exclusive private App on your smartphone that delivers short, daily audios and a weekly video to transform your thinking and level up your self-worth from within. Most importantly, you can join a small group that builds your community and creates an environment where you thrive.

This program uses the latest in brain research to shift perspective, align perceptions and create lasting results - guaranteed!

success stories:

“Helena was born to be a personal growth coach, because of her natural intuition. She spent many years studying neuroscience and psychology, therefore, she is able to go beyond the surface obstacles that clients present to her and go deeper to find out the sources of unconscious reoccurring barriers to success. Coaching sessions with Helena are enlightening from both personal and professional aspect.”

- Cici McCalman

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Mindfully Moving Forward in Dating & Relationships

A community for like-minded professionals 40+ who want to unlock next-level success and fulfillment.


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...who happen to be single.

A community of cool, fun, smart accomplished professionals 40+ who deserve and desire to unlock their next-level success and fulfillment.