What if...

...you could break through inner resistance, build self-assurance, and live an incredible life?


You Can!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Life is okay, but no matter how much you do, there's an achy emptiness, like something is... Missing? Incomplete? Unfulfilling?

    Yes, that's it: unfulfilling.

    Like there's something you should be doing but aren't...

  • You may have learned to please others, work hard, stay hidden, and set aside your dreams & desires ...to avoid criticism.

  • Although you strive for perfection, a nagging voice in your mind reminds you that you're not worthy enough yet.

  • The secret feelings of inadequacy or numbness prevent you from deeply connecting with others and receiving the validation, acceptance, and love you deserve.

  • It's painful to second-guess yourself, battle bouts of self-doubt, and still crave the clarity of a roadmap that ignites your imagination.

  • You want to embrace innovation and take MASSIVE FORWARD ACTION ...if only you knew what that looks like.

    Your heart is calling & your mind knows there's a better way!


You're destined for great things.

You're ready to take the next step.

You're committed to up-leveling.

If only the self-sabotage would stop.

Now neuroscience allows us to address this!

You've done well to get here.

It's time to regain control of your heart and mind.

Hi, I'm Lorraine!

With over 30 years of experience in Education, leadership, and personal development, I love working with remarkable individuals - like you - who dare to dream big and aspire to positively impact future generations.

I think connecting with you here and now is good because this life experience is not a dress rehearsal. Research studies show 1 in 3 know something essential is missing and want to identify precisely what's causing sabotage or preventing the fulfillment of their desires, goals, and aspirations.

Everyone desires greater peace, power, passion, and purpose to expand their capacity for growth, connection, and loving relationships.

My one-of-a-kind process applies the best certifications in Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP Trauma Recovery, Parts Therapy, Positive Intelligence, EMDR, Intergenerational Release, and Past Life Exploration. These programs help you unplug perfectionism and address the self-denial or doubt that can undermine your best efforts.

It's always the right time to kick toxic self-criticism and sabotage to the curb as you embrace your uniqueness and radiate confidence in all areas of life.

With a little mindset magic, my clients quickly and easily shift perspective and resolve their inner conflict to UNLOCK POTENTIAL and FEEL GREAT - on purpose!

You may have read books, listened to podcasts, immersed yourself in free training, and even experienced some talk therapy; however, when little has shifted, it's natural to wonder what's next and how this might be different.

It's OKAY - I get it!

here is the thing...

I’ve been passionate about transforming lives for a long time. To overcome many personal struggles, I have...

  • Studied the brain, especially its neuroplasticity, and found fast and effective ways to rewire

  • Read hundreds of books and synthesize the best practices

  • Flown countless times across the continent and been asked to share my work with other experts

  • Explored strategies that identify and clear away limiting decisions and their root causes

  • Discovered precisely what causes negative decisions and subtly affects our perspectives and outcomes

Through these explorations, I have developed unique programs to identify the root issues and release hidden blocks for my clients so they gain lasting transformations - unlike any other!

It doesn't matter who you are or where - there's scientific proof this works!

Are you curious? Listen to these stories of transformation...

Check out these results...!

Karen gained energy and clarity

Carolyn cleared blocks and pain

Amrita experienced more love,

confidence & self-acceptance

Jen feels free, calm, and successful

Getting to the root of an issue means you can shift the underlying beliefs [notice the 'LIE' in both words] so you quickly...

  • Experience peace of mind and freedom by becoming a better version of yourself.

  • Remain calm as you adeptly handle conflicts and strengthen your relationships.

  • Ignite your imagination and unlock your potential, revealing possibilities you don't know exist.

  • Achieve clarity, simplify decision-making, and welcome the innovation that expands your capacity to receive.

  • Gain motivation, support, and guidance as you trust yourself and your intuition moving forward.


It's time to up-level your life!

I bring together a unique combination of modalities such as coaching, hypnotherapy, somatic work, mindfulness, visualizations, embodiment, and neurolinguistic programming to produce rapid change and quantum shifts for my clients.

Together we’ll work to get to the heart of what’s really holding you back in life. You’ll learn how to get out of your own way and step into your highest self to unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

The best ways to work together...



Unlock your hidden potential and transform your life by building an alliance that aligns your unconscious and conscious mind.

Specialized tools uncover the negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior causing challenges. Release discomfort, trauma, and PTSD without having to relive complex events.

Rapid results deepen connections and strengthen relationships. Experience empowerment, ease, and flow in your incredible life.



Unlock your full potential as you put the power of Stanford research, neuroscience, and performance psychology in the palm of your hand.

A personal assessment customizes the exclusive App for daily guidance and weekly brain training available anywhere 24/7.

Coaching supports your transformation as you recognize new possibilities, enhance your self-worth, and consistently celebrate your WINS!

Bonus surprise and delight to get you started...

5 Steps to

Fill Life With Love

Powerful mini guide with five key steps to rewire your thinking and transform your perception, so you can fill life with the love you desire!


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Relax For Joy


Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or just need a little zen?

Get the Relax For Joy audio and listen anytime, anywhere

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A gathering of like-minded, accomplished and conscious professionals that meet each month to laugh, play and enjoy intriguing conversation in a fun, casual environment.

Meet quality people who are serious about being in a committed relationship.

Get answers to dating & relationship questions and illuminate your blind spots to more easily recognize your Right Fit person.

success stories:

“Helena was born to be a personal growth coach, because of her natural intuition. She spent many years studying neuroscience and psychology, therefore, she is able to go beyond the surface obstacles that clients present to her and go deeper to find out the sources of unconscious reoccurring barriers to success. Coaching sessions with Helena are enlightening from both personal and professional aspect.”

- Cici McCalman

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