Help for business women over 40 feeling...

Unfocused, Overwhelmed, Bored or Ignored

Asking:  Why?  What's up?  What can I DO about it?


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I feel...
  • ____ oddly detached? disinterested? or direction-less?
  • ____ listless, like you just don't have the bandwidth? 
  • ____ stuck - not sure what to do?
  • ____ not burned-out exactly  — I still have energy, but...
  • ____ not depressed exactly  — I don’t feel hopeless, but...
  • ____ sometimes just bored or ignored?
  • ____ purposeless? aimless?
  • ____ frustrated, unmotivated or uninspired?
  • ____ joyless or just going through the motions.
  • ____ stagnant as I finally get things done.
  • ____ empty — even with the people I like most.

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There Is a Word For This




Like you’re muddling through, looking at life through a foggy windshield, 

AND it's not your fault!

Many are struggling with the uncertainty and fallout from waves of intense fear and grief experienced throughout the world over the last couple of years.

Psychologist Adam Grant identifies the outcome of this as the misunderstood 'middle child' of mental health - it's languishing.
Even when fear and grief fade into resignation, you're left feeling stagnate and empty - devoid of interest - disconnected - lonely, isolated, lost, and listless.
Even when there's plenty to do and you're with the ones you love, you can feel empty. Time races on -- a day turns into a week, a week turns into a month, a month turn into years - and the circles keeps turning. Nothing ever really changes.

Longitudinal research shows, if nothing is done to address these feelings, languishing is an  excellent predictor of more serious problems such as physical illness, depression or anxiety.

 Clearly, this 'limbo' is dangerous. Because, it signals a declining state of Mental Well-Being.



Mental Health Spectrum

 Surviving <----------|----------> Thriving

Surviving keeps us off-balance, on edge, despondent, drained and feeling worthless. It leads to mental illness and many physical problems.
Thriving is a strong sense of living with meaning, mastery and celebration. You feel worthy and matter to others. This is Mindset Fitness and it leads to your well-being and longevity.

Between Surviving and Thriving you find



The Absence of Well-Being



 What Can You DO About It?

Thankfully, awareness IS the first step towards SOLUTION. 
Because, you can choose to be pro-active
Learn to develop Mindset Wellness
Confidently take control


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Breakthrough Research:

Increasing Positive Intelligence® (PQ) Grows Your Mindset Wellness

PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science.

(IQ) how you are smart    +    (EQ)  awareness of self and others  =   (PQ)

The Stanford University research included: 

  • hundreds of CEOs
  • sales, operations, and technology teams
  • Stanford students
  • elite athletes
  • 400,000 participants from 50 countries

Summarized in Shirzad Chamine's book Positive Intelligence, a New York Times bestseller, translated into 20 languages.  

Positive Intelligence is scientifically recognized and validated. Learn more HERE


"With the Positive Intelligence tools, I have greater empathy for myself and others. As I continue to release self-criticism, I communicate better!"

    Lizeth L. - Social Worker


"Learning to set boundaries and finding easy ways to prioritize my mindset wellness helped me realize Self-Care means much more than taking a bath..."
Christine S. - Retired Nurse

"Our six kids keep me busy! Now, I take Mindset Wellness breaks thru-out the day. I'm less tired, more focused, and get MUCH MORE accomplished!"
Roxy - Radio/Talk4TV Producer

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 ... everything as a whole is now good! I find the biggest change is that I feel true to myself. I am very confident and justified that my limits are well within reason - I've had to stand my ground with a few people recently. The other part is that I no longer feel concerned that I might offend someone. Life has become enjoyable again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the help you've given me...   ~ KK, Trenton, ON