Are we connecting because something doesn’t feel 'quite right'? 

Even though...

You're good at what you do, and
You believe in the goodness of others. 
You anticipate what others need, and
You're powerful insight help you understand others' pain. 
You are the go-to person for support.
You feel compelled to save the world and 
make it a better place.

Because you're sensitive to the energies and emotions
of others, and you prefer to maintain harmony. 
People depend on you and often ask for favours and sometimes there's barely time or energy for doing your own stuff.
Overall, you were born creative, resourceful and with a divine plan to give generously... inspire kindness... and instill hope!

...and yet,

you're doing it at a big cost to your own
healthy balance and well-being

Because at times you:

... become irritated when life gets stagnant, disconnected or there are too many demands

... pretend to have it all together and wear a well-crafted mask as you hide fear and doubt within
... feel resentful when there's no time to achieve what's most important

... believe hopes and desires go unanswered as you ignore inner voices that sound critical, sad or mad 
... get frustrated with not being, doing, having enough
... long to be seen and known for who you are, not just for what you do

It doesn't have to be this way.
What if...

🎁 the answer is a small shift of the wall between you and the life you passionately desire?

🎁 discomfort, sensitivity and intuition point the way to lightness, love and joy?

🎁 you could master your thoughts and beliefs to harness your superpower on the path to better living?

I know. I've been there!

Our sensitivity and intuition are our Achilles' heal until they're properly used as a superpower!

When we're in integrity with our inner self, we get more powerful. Unrest is replaced with passion, peace and purpose.

We find our genius zone and live a life we LOVE!

That's why I'm passionate about helping to find purposeful ways to help you serve others and gain better balance in business and life.

As a former educational leader, my focus was on helping kids be successful. Now, experts hire me for strategic advice and the deep, playful detective work that quiets critical inner voices, because...

As our beliefs align with passion,
the result is greater success for EVERYONE!

 Combining a strong analytical background, from advanced science and education degrees, with empathic hypnotherapy and perceptive coaching, I work at the intersection of logic and imagination.

In finding my zone of genius, I give clients everything from practical systems and strategies to creative original and intuitive solutions. (You're welcome to read more of my story HERE.)

Here's the thing...

Our task is to fall in love with ourselves, acknowledging all aspects of the experience we bring.

Self awareness, energy, aliveness, engagement are ours for the choosing.

 Authentically attracting others and receiving reflection of who we truly are.

Do you want to feel light, open and expansive as you build your business or life in more purposeful ways?

Do you want to be free to enjoy doing more of what YOU want?

Good news! 
Here's the way to get there...


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5 Steps to Living A Life You LOVE

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Check out what others have experienced during our time together...

"... everything as a whole is now good! I find the biggest change is that I feel true to myself. I am very confident and justified that my limits are well within reason. The other part is that I no longer feel concerned that I might offend someone. Life has become enjoyable again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the help you've given me..."   ~ KK, Trenton, ON
"Lorraine, your insight and experience are so valuable because you helped me easily understand and recognize where the shifts were needed. Now I feel great about myself." ~NW - Quinte
"My thoughts and emotions were more scrambled than scrambled eggs. I felt guilty for the part I played in all of my fixing & over-giving. My obsession with the narcissistic-Ex left me feeling like a sham in front of my friends. Some days, it felt like I was a walking, talking empty shell, faking a pretence normality. Little by little I'm moving on the right path, seeing life get better. Thank you so much for guiding me." ~Margie

Ok! We understand. It's good to share in a community of like-minded people who:

Are aware of how hard you work, how tired you are sometimes by how much you squeeze into a day

Don't think that constant 'giving' is saintly
Understand that the tendency to 'help' can be both rewarding and uncomfortable
See how much you do for others everyday
Notice when you're feeling OBLIGATED to help

If you're like us, you'd rather:

👍 - be RECOGNIZED for who you are ...and someone with the best of intentions!

👍 - be connected, accepted and sincerely APPRECIATED for what you do

👍 - feel good as you ACCOMPLISH more of what makes your life shine!


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5 Steps to Living a Life You LOVE


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 ... everything as a whole is now good! I find the biggest change is that I feel true to myself. I am very confident and justified that my limits are well within reason - I've had to stand my ground with a few people recently. The other part is that I no longer feel concerned that I might offend someone. Life has become enjoyable again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the help you've given me...   ~ KK, Trenton, ON