Support & Empowerment Group (In-Active)

Some of us are wired for relationships and naturally give to others!  But, somedays it feels like we've given ourself away.
It's natural to help. We like to make everything right. And, sometimes we feel overwhelmed, over-stressed or over-tired. Then, we feel guilty for wanting to take care of ourselves. We find it hard to say NO, so we end up doing things out of obligation.
Kinda crazy, right?
These days, there are 'Over Givers' everywheredoing and giving their ALL, every day — yet, most of the time, no one notices their stress. They're living without the care they need, feeling angry, anxious, and afraid, and wish they could wear a tag that says, 
Many are hanging by a thread — just needing a safe, secure place to SHARE & HEAL.
Others have already lost the thread

Lorraine LaPointe, former-Principal, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, and Theresa Tenney, Trauma Recovery Coach, presents:

Support & Empowerment Group

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Now I know that my feelings are somewhat normal and there's light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to heal but didn’t really know how to look inside. Maybe I was too afraid of what I’d find…
Then I realized that I had been choosing from fear and from a big hole inside me for a very long time. Spending time on myself is well-worth it. I've just got to keep going in the right direction and with your guidance... I have A ROADMAP!   ~Susan

My thoughts and emotions were more scrambled than scrambled eggs. I felt guilty for the part I played in all of my fixing & over-giving. My obsession with the narcissistic-Ex left me feeling unworthy and a sham in front of my friends. Somedays, it feels like I'm a walking, talking empty shell, faking a pretence of normality, as I start to put my life together. But Little by Little I just keep moving on the right path, now knowing life gets better. Thank you for being there and walking with me. ~Margie