Are you having post-holiday blues? That let-down feeling?? Can't believe it's all over for another year?

 You're not alone!
It's not unusual to feel a little sad as you pack away the ornaments, say good-bye to friends, or clear away the last of the leftovers. Afterall, holidays are a time to pause the routine,  focus on giving and receiving, and generally do more of the things that bring us joy.
The post-holiday blues, or the sadness some experience, is related to a sense of loss. However, the silver lining is actually the pause we experienced in our daily routines. It's an opportunity to reflect on what helped us feel more fulfilled, while we were celebrating. 

Make the most of this opportunity, take a few moments and discover...

* Was your joy in seeing others? Then perhaps you're body, mind and soul are saying you need more regular connections.
* Was there satisfaction in eating different foods? Perhaps it's time to re-examine your regular eating habits - spice things up a bit, or add a few exotic vegetables more regularly.
* Was there magic in the anticipation of receiving something special? Then... what's being denied for you in your 'regular life'?
Keep a small spark of what's important aglow in your heart by understanding what lights you up over the holiday. 
It can be as simple as treating yourself well and integrating holiday values such as forgiveness, generosity, and gratitude into your daily routine. Or remaining in touch with the people who bring joy to your life, spreading goodwill by volunteering, or hosting a celebration - just for the fun of it! 
In fact, just leaving one decoration unpacked and displayed could be enough to help you stay cheerful in the days that follow the holidays. It may act as a simple reminder to treat yourself and others well. 
For those who feel relief at the end of a holiday, perhaps you've taxed your natural sense of over-generosity to the point of burnout?
The holidays can trigger your tendency to give too much. So, don't worry about feeling a little, secret-guilt about the sense of relief and desire to take some time for yourself.
Notice your exhaustion and acknowledge the need to pull back, re-group and make adjustments to the level of your "giving". Now is a great time to re-adjust the over-giving habit, reassess the sense of obligation and set new boundaries. 
In fact, if this describes you, I have a gift to help do just that! See the link in the Connections below. 
Indeed, a little self-exploration of your thoughts and feelings post-holiday, can go a long way to empowering decisions about what to add, eliminate, adjust or shift. This is a great time to decide that you want to maintain the holiday cheer in your life - throughout the year! 

Hey, let's make the post-holiday time work well for you!  Go ahead and connect with me using any one of the methods below.

Sending Only Goodness,



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