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November 2018 Newsletter


Lorraine's Musings...

You hear it often, but sometimes the more you know about something the less you pay attention 😎.  I'm talking about noticing open doors or seeing opportunities as they come your way.  👀 

Recently,  I was invited by a wonderful, 'new friend' to provide an article outline for a magazine. Thrilled at the time, I said I'd go home and think about what to write. Unfortunately, the thinking didn't happen because life did, and I forgot to make a commitment in my calendar for this opportunity. 

When I bumped into my new friend again, she asked what happened? She'd had held a spot open for my article until the eleventh hour and then had to give the opportunity to someone else. Sadly, I'd missed a really great chance of having an article published that term.  

OK Universe, lesson learned.  When provided with an open door, if you don't walk through it, the door simply closes for you and opens for someone else. The Universe is a busy place and the adage is correct: Time waits for no one.

I promised myself that next time, not only will I notice when an opportunity is presented, but use that wonder of technology - my cellphone - to make a commitment by scheduling time in my calendar. Because, what we put in our calendar tends to happen! Alternatively, when we don't make a  commitment, the Universe has to close that door... I just don't want to let it 'hit me' on the way out...😝 😜



I love exploring and learning new things because it keeps life exciting, and I'm talking about opportunities as if they are doors, because of the wonderful (short) article entitled, 💎 "When Doors Open"  💎 written by Madisyn Taylor.  As I was reading it, I thought that you might like it too! Here's more:
"Our lives are the result of all the doors we have walked through, and our continued growth depends on our willingness to keep moving into new spaces. So, when a door opens, walk through it. Trust that the door has opened for a reason and you have been guided to it. Sometimes we have a tendency to over-analyze or agonize over the decision, but it is quicker to simply go through the door and discover what's there because that's the only way to know. Even if it doesn't seem right at first, opening one door may lead to another door that will take you where you need to go."  
🙈🙉🙊   Wise, eh?   
Doors - or opportunities - open for us when the time is right. However, sometimes we linger just outside waiting on the threshold, trying to decide whether we have the courage to step through. We may hear a mix of voices in our heads - some encouraging, others discouraging. I believe all of the voices are trying to work for our good, even though they may appear to be in conflict. 
You know the feeling... part of me wants to do X, the other part wants to do Y. These voices bring the same doubts that arise whenever you encounter a 'new beginning'. Most often, these voices are the shadows of thousands of years of instincts, designed to keep us safe.
Millennia ago, if you ventured out of the village on your own, there was no way to know what lay ahead - there was no internet - no Google - to consult. Also, in ancient times, there were some very large predators looking for juicy human-snacks, so our wonderful brains created mechanisms to make us think carefully before we took any 'potentially dangerous' action. These are the whispers from the shadows you hear!  These are our Protector Parts doing their jobs, with too much enthusiasm!
Today our world is very much safer and there are very few  ☠️ large, carnivorous, predatory animals  ☠️ wandering our neighborhood, so there's very little reason for hold back from trying new jobs, relationships, creative inspirations or experiences.
Up until now, your life is a product of your ability to walk through the doors that have been presented for your continued growth. If your life is not where you want it, perhaps you've ignored some doors?  It's not too late!
Every door we walk through creates a sense of memory that encourages us to continue moving ahead - look for the doors open to you now, and this time walk through ...bravely!  
As you enter a new space, you will be rewarded with a feeling of excitement (not nervousness - more on the difference in another newsletter!) Good feelings help us grow in confidence about yourself and the world around you. Each new opportunity is the threshold for the next step along the path to your better life. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey!  😇 



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