Hello Lorraine,

It's great to connect with you again! I can't quite believe it's almost February.  I must have been having fun for time to have flown by so quickly!   

For those who haven't seen the Facebook pics, we have a new addition to our family. Our little 'Rita' needed a playmate after the loss of Boots earlier in the Fall.  "MooMoo," is a lovely male, white and black cat who - you guessed it... looks like a cow.  He's still quite skittish, but is now coming out to play with her, and will even drop by for a scratch and tickle once in a while, so we believe he's settling in nicely.

The snow has been falling thick and fast here in southern Ontario and I'm beginning to long to see green again. Our winters last until about April so we have lots of time to appreciate white and brown. That's part of the reason I was delighted to connect with Kelly Carrigan of EmpowerMe Coaching and we've partnered to begin organizing a three day live event for early April.  We think it's an ideal time as the weather can still be still chilly and spring seems like it might never arrive!  Just perfect for a few days to cozy up to some roaring fires, share amazing foods and luxurious accommodations with like-minded new friends, at a Resort just outside of Brighton, ON.

Kelly and I are busy planning and organizing a Women's Inspirational Weekend (sorry, guys!) at Timber House Resort, happening April 5 - 7th, 2019.  It's called "Freeing the Inner YOU," because we understand that sometimes we need help connecting with the sacred Being deep inside us and beneath it all the worldly gunk. 

Freeing the Inner YOU is designed to provide some special time to focus inward, have some creative FUN, meet new like-minded friends while becoming refreshed. And, unlike other women's weekends where you just relax, feel good, go home and it's over, we are providing the tools for you to continue the renewal process.

Of course, we have added in some private, one-to-one coaching sessions, to be sure you have support, even after you've headed home. By the way, there are only 10 spots available, so if you're interested check out the details HERE - today! Before word spreads!


Recently I read the article, "How to Change Your Core Beliefs in 9 Steps", written by Aletheia Luna of LonerWolf, where she agreed that our core Beliefs form the very center of:
1. who we are
2. what we believe about ourselves
3. what we think of others
4. how we feel about life as a whole
Core beliefs are the fundamental convictions we have about ourselves; they are the absolute truths we have developed about ourselves throughout the course of our lives, often since childhood.  Core beliefs determine how connected we feel with others, how happy we feel with life and even how successful we are in realizing our deepest dreams and goals.
Often our Beliefs sound completely ridiculous to the conscious mind. It is easy to laugh at them and dismiss them, however, on an subconscious level they act like computer programming, running in the background, beneath the surface, wreaking havoc on our perceptions, behaviour and attitude.
For example, in a journal entry, let's say you write:
Today my friend made me feel really emotional without knowing it. She said that I should "dedicate more time to myself". Wow, that made me really mad!
Let's examine that further... when she said, “I should dedicate more time to myself” –> It made me feel ANGRY
Follow the feeling... why do we get angry?  Because it was perhaps 'UNFAIR' and 'EMBARRASSING
How does 'embarrassing' feel?  –> It makes me feel pathetic, and that makes me feel ... ASHAMED –> why am I ashamed?  Because 'I'm am not worthy of having more time to myself. I don't deserve it!'
This statement from my friend reminded me of how poorly I feel about myself. “I am unworthy” and that “I don’t deserve the time to be happy.”

Ouch! So, now what?

Now you've uncovered a Core Belief. It caused an emotional reaction. You feel uncomfortable. It's okay! Feelings INFORM us.
It's time to do the inner work and remove the core belief "I don't deserve the time to be happy".
Most have never been taught how to remove old, non-serving beliefs and unfortunately, once a belief has been accepted as Truth there is no expiry date. It just stays there, in the subconscious, proving itself true - over and over and over again. (and we wonder why we get so busy - with no time to be happy!)
However, with guidance you can learn to use tools, like the Clear Beliefs Process.
What was once accepted as Truth, can be discarded because that belief is flawed, limiting and non-serving. Beliefs that no longer serve us can be 'DIS-CREATED'.
After dis-creating beliefs, they can be replaced with beliefs that work much better for you. One method is to create an alternative Belief that contradicts what you currently believe. The new Belief might be something like, "I am a Sacred Being, worthy of feeling happy, whenever I choose."

Ahh! That feels much better!

How may the new Belief transform your life? When you actively CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, you can appreciate the things you do each day.  Through appreciation, we find happiness. Feeling worthy, you can now accept feeling happy. Like attracts Like which means attracting more things to bring you joy. This is how new Beliefs can help become more creative, resourceful, prosperous and whole.
When you alter your Beliefs, your inner landscape changes and you perceive the world differently. Opportunities appear that you didn't' notice before. 
Replacing core beliefs takes time and a little effort.  It requires commitment and investment in yourself. Increased self-esteem, creativity, productivity, prosperity, joy, fulfillment and love are some of the many gifts you receive through this journey. 


 So, why isn't everyone doing this, right now?
There are many reasons why we consciously or unconsciously don’t want to change our out-dated programming. Usually the reasons involve fear of failure, fear of change, fear of uncertainty and even, fear of success. We have been taught from a young age to think and behave in certain ways … what happens if we don’t act that way anymore? Who might we become?
Fear of the Unknown is instinctual. Based on thousands of years of inherited, biologically-programmed beliefs from the days of the Woolly Mammoth. The Beliefs that cause those fears were beneficial at one point, because we needed to STAY SAFE (aka ALIVE). Staying alive meant remaining close to our Tribe, within ear-shot of our home fires. There are no Woolly Mammoths or Saber-Toothed Tigers roaming our streets. These kinds of out-dated beliefs can be dis-created, freeing you to move forward without the innate worries. 
Just like in the material world, creating a beautiful 'garden in our mind,' first requires the removal of a few weeds. To identify the 'weeds', there are many ways to tell how you feel and the meanings you have attached to your thoughts. You could use Venn diagrams, Thought Pyramids or any kind of visual outline that helps to better understand your Core Beliefs and Inner Wounds. Regardless of the strategy, the results lead to greater health and happiness.
As some of you know, one of the great joys of my life has been to walk with people on this kind of gentle healing journey. Combining the best of collaborative exploration, with playful metaphors, and a renewal of your 'story' because, the end is not yet written...


We know the old adage: If you continue to do what you've always done, then you'll always get, what you've already gotten.  If you want something different, then you need to think and do something different. 
Fear of the Unknown might be instinctual, however once you've dis-created it, then what is unknown is no longer frightening... YOU are FREE to explore and change as you desire.
Should you believe otherwise, it's probably just your Mum's voice, reminding the younger you not to wander off too far...

Srishti (JUNE 5 AT 19:22) summed it up well...

You’ve hit the bull’s eye with this one. Core beliefs are prime determinants of our attitude and behaviour, yet one might never realize the perverse effects of negative beliefs and how they hinder (our) day-to-day lives. In order to embark on any journey towards self recovery/healing, it is absolutely essential to gain control over these overriding thought patterns or they would destroy us even before we know it. (This work) really helped me to ease along my journey. Thank you!



This month, I've been busy studying the six human needs and Lise Borbeau's work around wound inner core patterns. This is some of the information I can share at the Women's Inspirational Weekend! Because, once we understand what is 'driving the bus', we can better direct where the bus is going and how we'll feel once it gets there!

If you want a jump start to the weekend, or are just curious and want to start the healing journey yourself, I recommend her book:

Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self by Lise Bourbeau



FREEING the INNER YOU - Women's Inspirational Weekend

We invite you to join with a very small group of like-minded souls, for the weekend of 

When:  April 5-7th, 2019

What: Three days, two nights to focus solely on YOURSELF.  It's our intention to empower you to connect internally, in such a powerful way, that you:

  • recognize and manage expectations
  • commit deeply to your self-care
  • learn to say "NO!" without guilt
  • set boundaries that reflect your strength, beauty and value
  • attract the life and opportunities you deserve

Where:   Timber House Resort, Brighton Ontario (About 2 hours East of Toronto, 1:20 minutes West of Kingston, 3 hours West of Ottawa)

A beautiful gathering space. Only the best of food and accommodation will do for our time together.

For more information visit:  

or download a flyer HERE

Hey, ladies who deserve time for happiness... we'll see you there!