There's a world of difference between good and great. Just as remarkable is the difference between feeling uncomfortable (anxious, sad, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed) and ‘GOOD’. When asked, "How do you want to feel?" People often say, "I just want to feel GOOD".

It’s only after they feel good, that they say, "I want to feel great" because great just seems out of reach.

Years of personal research, learning and supporting people has shown me that we can choose to feel good - on purpose!

What I know is that each of us has a path to better living, and that for many, 'good' relates to the idea of living in a state of flow. Flow is that wonderful state of mind, where life feels like it moves forward easily, there is 'enough', and it appears just when needed. Whether that something is time, resources (including money), respect, responsibility, accountability, or caring ...feeling good - on purpose - is what most of us desire.

One powerful way to feel GOOD, is reducing your life's clutter. A cluttered environment, whether it's home, work, car or elsewhere, reflects a cluttered mind. Messiness is typically a physical manifestation of feelings of anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger or overwhelm, because how we do one thing, is how we do everything.

Uncluttering our physical environment is good. Clearing away messy, uncomfortable thoughts and beliefs in our mind, is even better. Clarity in thinking and connection with our inner guidance system, leads us into the state of flow.

In a less cluttered world, we begin to feel 'good' and allows us to experience more of what we love.

So, where to begin?

From the book, "Living An Inspired Life" Wayne Dyer suggests we feel a real rush of inspiration when we clear out stuff that’s no longer useful in our life. Here are a few powerful ways to begin cleaning up the clutter:

First, deal with your stuff.

Take a good look around and identify anything not being used that requires you to insure, protect, dust, reorganize, or move your 'stuff'. We keep ourselves very busy looking after our 'stuff' all the time. How much of it brings you peace or joy?

Check your closets: If you haven’t used something in the past year or two, set it free by recycling it. Get tough about eliminating 'stuff' – it feels GOOD!

Tidy your office: Get rid of old piles of files. Digitize and organize whatever you can. Store information and locate things more easily using programs like Evernote.

Clean up home: Donate unused toys, tools, books, dishes and anything else weighing down your life. Contributing feels good, so this is a win-win!

Second, being grossly overscheduled, means missing potential life-affirming gifts and experiences.

Look at your calendar and clear any unwanted or unnecessary activities or obligations. Give yourself the gift of space and time.

This is especially challenging for those with the 'need to please', because of the difficulty in knowing if, when and how to say NO or understanding where to draw the line. Sometimes life gets so focused on others and our overall busy-ness, that instead of joy, we feel anger and resentment. At times, there's so much 'wanting' and 'helping', there's no space to enjoy the 'having' and 'doing'.

Third, slow down and appreciate what IS. By slowing down, you rejoin the perfect pace at which natural creation works and have an opportunity to appreciate natural abundance.

Have you ever wondered, Why is society so fast paced?

I believe it's to keep us distracted and feeling like we're missing out on something. It gives us the message we need 'more' and are therefore, never enough.

Imagine the ridiculousness of trying to hurry nature, by tugging at an emerging tomato plant. We are as natural as that plant. We can choose to be at peace with the unfolding speed of nature’s plan. When we slow down, we can take a moment to appreciate the bounty all around us

Lastly, remember who you ARE and get more of what you want.

When life tends to get overly complex, too fast, too cluttered, or too deadline oriented, take a little time to declutter, clear away limiting beliefs, and align with your inner essence. Become an observer of your own mind and step along the path to better living, feeling GOOD on purpose!

As you become aware of your inner essence, you become empowered to align your beliefs & thoughts with your dreams & passions to create SYNERGY and congruence with the world around you. Understanding how to make life easier, shifts your resistance so blocks just melt away if by magic!

Hey, Lorraine, are you ready for a little magic?

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