Support & Empowerment Group (Active)

This group is a great choice to gain the tools needed for better living with personal support and empowerment, so you can:
  1. Connect with a private, caring, supportive community
  2. Explore powerful tools and unique techniques to clear limiting thoughts and beliefs
  3. Share positive, supportive stories that show we're not alone
  4. Feel stronger as you tap into your inner guidance and wisdom, so you work more effectively serving others and move forward in purposeful ways

*** We know that experiencing simple kindness makes a BIG difference! ***

To make things better requires commitment...

Group members agree to:
Attend all FOUR shared sessions - Thursdays 1:00- 2:30 PM EST.
Keep all personal information shared by others in the strictest confidence.
Be on time, ready to participate each week.
Make a personal investment of money, time, effort and energy
Total investment:  $497   
Special rate for shelter at home $197 
(Payments-In-Full choose a BONUS:  1) invite a friend for FREE  2) a private, personal 1:1 session  or 3) support a Pay-What-You-Can participant)
*Pay-What-You-Can subscriptions or payment plans available. Email for an application.


Host: Lorraine LaPointe - Personal Leadership Coach & Hypnotherapist, former-Educational Leader & Teacher 

Support & Empowerment Group

May 7, 14, 21 & 28th (2020) 1:00 PM ET

Yes! Count me in!


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Support & Empowerment

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My thoughts and emotions were more scrambled than scrambled eggs. I felt guilty for the part I played in all of my fixing & over-giving. My obsession with the narcissistic-Ex left me feeling unworthy and a sham in front of my friends. Somedays, it feels like I'm a walking, talking empty shell, faking a pretence of normality, as I start to put my life together. But Little by Little I just keep moving on the right path, now knowing life gets better. Thank you for being there and walking with me. ~Margie

Now I know that my feelings are somewhat normal and there's light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to heal but didn’t really know how to look inside. Maybe I was too afraid of what I’d find…
Then I realized that I had been choosing from fear and from a big hole inside me for a very long time. Spending time on myself is well-worth it. I've just got to keep going in the right direction and with your guidance... I have A ROADMAP!   ~Susan