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Reveal and Heal the 8 Sneaky Symptoms of Anxiety - Self-Directed e-Course

Hey, I'm glad you've found us!  Because, being anxious holds you back from feeling in control and living a balanced, calmer, more confident life.
This self-directed four part e-course and coaching conversation is an opportunity to dig down, and pull out, some inner 'mind-weeds' that pop up and make life miserable, causing worries.
Weeds are the inner critical voices that come up again and again. They're annoying, negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs that invade your life. They stop you from doing what you want and make you doubt yourself, so you feel 'rooted' in place. 
You'll discover, although they may have been with you a long time, the weeds are not your fault!
After serving as a leader in education for more than thirty years, I understand how the brain works and today, as a Coach-Therapist, I continue to teach you about the tools and techniques that reveal and heal the common symptoms of anxiety.
What I know is that uncertainty and negative inner voices lead to exhaustion. Being uncomfortable often keeps life going in circles.
It doesn't have to be this way!
There's a solution... 
In this course, you explore what stuff is yours, and what's not, and get rid of what no longer works for you. With these tools you identify and root out annoying 'mind weeds'. As you clear the inner clutter, you set yourself free.
When you see clearly, you make better choices and begin living the life you love.  Are you ready to feel better? More balanced and in control? 
Let's get started!
The first step is becoming committed to yourself.
Making a personal or business investment demonstrates your commitment.  (Truly consider... how much it's worth to you to resolve anxiety and live feeling calmer and more in control?)
Easy as 1,2,3...
1. Click the button.
2. Gain the tools to reveal and heal.
3. Get support and join our community.
We look forward to welcoming you on the inside...!
BONUS 1: The course concludes with a personal coaching conversation  (A $200 value!)
BONUS 2:  Course completion and written or video testimonial generate a $100 (non-cash) value used towards ongoing growth or services with Head Heart Synergy! 
397.76 CAD

Dump the Darkness With A 'Worry Friend'

In the light of all that's been happening in the world, you may feel like there's no escape from how you are feeling.
You may be angry, hurting, grieving, confused, anxious or exhausted. 
Sometimes, you might feel it all. 
Other times nothing. 
You may be wondering what's wrong with you? How can you find balance? How can you dump the darkness and find peace?
With a 'Worry Friend' you follow a very specific process for dumping the darkness over 15 minutes.
It's fast and a very effective way to find your way to greater Peace. 
47.46 CAD
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Checklist - I'm Choosing Better Self-Care!

When we don’t look after ourselves or treat ourselves well, a pattern of self-deprivation begins and life becomes more and more challenging. Making yourself a priority means improving your self-care and this tool helps you keep track of your weekly progress.

25.00 CAD
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Playing With Inner Voices

If you’re a human reading this, then you have at least one voice in your head that chimes in and has a say about the things you think and do. 

Sometimes the inner voices are enjoyable and encouraging, saying things we love to hear. Other times, inner voices judge, reject or tell us things we'd rather ignore.

Using unique tools, in this session you'll come to understand the wisdom and empowerment available within. This often, results in greater clarity, direction or confidence, because within each of us exists the keys to success - healing, health and happiness.

You may choose to sweep away emotional baggage, calm disruptive thoughts, or clear unwanted beliefs that stand in your way and prevent you from moving forward. Alternatively, clarify your next steps as you connect with inner voices that inspire you to:

  1. Clear out some mind clutter or quiet the inner critic
  2. Connect and receive inspiration to make life better
  3. Reveal what influences decisions or keeps you from feeling calm, confident or more comfortable in the world.

"This is the best experience I ever had and my energy was off-the-hook! I've told my friends it's nothing like a typical session.. Now, they all want to try it for themselves!"J.Y., Quinte West


This experience is totally unique. There is NOTHING else like it!

Choose your best time and date the reading takes about 20-30 minutes.

125.00 CAD

Living With Narcissism (PWYC)

This detailed, four part e-course is designed to help you to better understand yourself and the people in your life.

Living with narcissism is a slippery slope that typically ends in a pool of pain and regret. So, it's extremely helpful to be able develop an understanding of what creates Narcissism and it's different forms.

Identifying where you and others are within the Narcissism-CoDependency Spectrum, allows you to have easier time recognizing the symptoms, and realizing the effects - and no, you're not 'going crazy' and definitely not alone!

In fact, what you're feeling and thinking is often not even your fault! 

This e-course explains the inter-relationship between Narcissism and Co-dependency. It reveals how each psychological state is created, and why they tend to be attracted to one another. 

Relationships involving Narcissism follow a predictable path that often begins with 'Love Bombing'. As the storybook romance unfolds, Heaven becomes Hell. But, exploring and understanding the Betrayal Cycle empowers you to climb out of the darkness and back into the Light.

There IS hope!  

With greater knowledge, self-awareness and compassion, you'll  survive and THRIVE after living with narcissism!

If you suspect that you're living with narcissism, this course can help you discover ways to mediate or alleviate your current circumstances.

Right now, opportunity is knocking...

... and if not this, then WHAT?  If not NOW, then WHEN?

BONUS: The course includes an invitation for a personal coaching conversation  (A $200 value!)
247.47 CAD
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Clear Beliefs, Get Results - Self-Development Path (PIF)

Clear Beliefs, Get Results - Self-Development Path 

This path is for people who want a shift in their life as they lead themselves through a transformational process.  Because, living the way things have been is no longer acceptable.

You’ll feel good.  You’ll function better.  Life will get easier. Resistance and blocks that have held you back just begin to melt away if like magic.


The Clear Your Beliefs Program, includes seven modules:

  • Clear Out the ‘Old Junk’ (clear your limiting beliefs)
  • Remove Negative Beliefs About Who You Are
  • Enhance your Gifts, Capabilities & Talents
  • Improve Beliefs Around Love and Relationships
  • Update Beliefs About Money and Work
  • Get Comfortable with your Body to Create Better Health
  • Maintain the Tools to Run Your Life

Everyone Loves the Bonus Materials:

  • CYB Belief Self-Diagnosis Exercise (Part 1)
  • CYB Belief Self-Diagnosis Exercise (Part 2)
  • MindValley Approved Transcripts of the audio files are included


  • Access link to my Client System
  • A Client Portal to keep you organized and so you can get whatever tools, forms, schedules, documents, resources, etc. you need, whenever you need it, to help you gain better results, fast!
  • On-going access to your private Client Log, available any time you have questions, become stuck or wish to share victories, because we know that “life actually happens between sessions”


So, are you ready to step fully into living as the magnificent, radiant BEing you already ARE?  (…and eliminate the fear of doing so!) 

 Your Investment is Only: $697 $627

Register now to save 10%!

627.00 CAD

Relax For Joy Recording (mp3)


Use the power of your subconscious mind to promote more consistent relaxation, lower your stress response and boost your positive mindset and immunity naturally. 

Discover useful tips for how to become relaxed and feel calmer and more in-control. Notice yourself overcoming stress, fear and anxiety and more easily becoming peaceful and empowered.

With these profound results, you may change your life - forever! 

Investing so little to gain so much! Tap the button to achieve deep, relaxation.  Includes BONUS materials.

Personal Investment:  $69

Thank you for contributing to the "Pay What You Can" fundraiser with donations supporting our frontline workers in our medical system.

77.97 CAD
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Easy Sleep Recording (mp3)

Brilliant! Use the power of your subconscious mind to promote more consistent sleep, remove sleep barriers and improve your sleep quality naturally. Discover useful tips to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. Notice yourself overcoming stress, fear and anxiety and more easily becoming calm, confident and in-control. With these profound results, you may change your life - forever! 

Investing so little to gain so much! Tap the button to achieve deep, relaxing sleep.  Includes BONUS materials.

77.97 CAD
Pay what you can