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l understand that Life can be seriously challenging, however, it also has a lighter side.

That's why I created my Virtual Assistant "Serve-U-Bot"... that's her chatting with the Seagull.

She answers your questions, provides information and is available to help you 24/7 . She's capable of doing many things... even telling a joke or providing a riddle to lighten up your day. Click HERE to interact with her.  😎👍🏼


Hi!  I'm Lorraine LaPointe,

Life has taken on a wonderful sense of purpose in the last few years, as I accomplish my mission to help people - like us - dial down negative inner self-talk and discover simple tools to rebuild confidence and peace of mind. 

As we rediscover the lightness and joy that existed before the heavy, uncomfortable stuff got in the way,  we live more purposefully, passionately  tapping into the five superpowers that enable us to effectively share gifts and talents in ways that positively impact our world.

As an insatiably curious child, who was socially conditioned to play the role of "Gold Star - Good Girl", I didn't have a clue that I was being robbed of living autentically. In fact, it took until midlife to awaken and realize which element was missing in my life.

Although helping others still lights me up, it was a problem when I constantly gave so much, to so many, for so long it led to burnout, with exhaustion, worry and resentment. That's why now I'm passionate about showing Gold Star-Good Girls who are in the second-half of life, how to discover simple, practical ways to find the balance that gives a life you Love.


Does anyone you know want to find greater meaning, purpose, peace or personal power? If so, you're welcome to share my offer of a FREE clarity conversation to help them get unstuck, and start moving ahead.
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Seven Key Advantages of Working with Lorraine

  1. Knowledgeable, Experienced & Professional –  Formerly a teacher and leader in Education, with additional certification in coaching, clearing inner beliefs and hypnotherapy, she has extensive knowledge about motivation and the transformation needed to achieve your best results.
  2. Member of National Guild of Hypnotists & Fully Insured – She's covered and accountable, She's recognized for 'Excellence in Client Results.'
  3. Client Centered Service – Her uniquely customized programs are delivered in a caring, secure, private, confidential way, with on-going support available between sessions.
  4. Free Consultation – She first establishes whether you're a good match for working together, so you can have confidence in your desired results.
  5. Session Recordings – When working one-to-one, sessions may be recorded. Also, additional audio recordings for support between sessions, may be available.
  6. Flexible Hours – Online programs offer flexible hours and are presented in bite-size modules. Your time zone and personal schedule are never a problem!
  7. Relaxed Pace –  The sessions are well designed to suit a busy lifestyle and maximize your results.
No obligation. No Risk. Nothing to lose. Everything to Gain. It's FREE!

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Tap the Calendar to book a FREE conversation of about 20 minutes to get clear about what it takes to live better and more easily. You're not alone in wanting to feel confident, calm and purposeful! Let me show you how.

"Lorraine's insight and experience are so valuable because she helps you easily understand and recognize where shifts are needed to enable you to feel great about yourself." ~NW - Quinte