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Hello,  I'm Lorraine LaPointe 

Story is important. After years in the classroom, it was plain to see how much everyone loves 'Story'. Actually, we have for millennia. It's how human beings maintained history, knowledge and wisdom, sitting around the camp fire. Today we also have social media, streamed movies, podcasts... all wonderful 'Stories'. 

As a Personal Leadership Coach & Hypnotherapist, I engage with story everyday. Stories of past events and the perceptions; present day challenges and the victories; future expectations and the worries. It's ALL Story. Comprehensive. Adaptable. Transforming. Always deeply personal.

My story, like that of author Laura Doyle, includes times when I ran myself ragged, complained bitterly about being overstressed, over-worked, overwhelmed, then collapsed in a heap at the end of the day. Those times I believed that things would 'just get better', I just didn’t know how or when.

Today, I am living better. More calmly, easily, Purposefully with the confidence that leads to greater health and happiness... And YOU Can Too! 

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My story includes a time when, years ago, I found perverse pleasure in NOT indulging in too many enjoyable things. I felt  'efficient' knowing that I wasn’t 'wasting time being frivolous'. Unfortunately, instead, I was prickly and hard to live with. I felt the need to control everything. I was afraid that delegating meant that things wouldn't get done properly. I was run off my feet so I just didn’t have the time or reserves to handle any more problems!
I also felt unappreciated for all my self-sacrificing—which nobody asked me to do—and it I felt that it was never enough, although I never got, as much as I was giving.
Crazy, eh?
There I was, wishing someone would take care of me for a change! But, because I acted like a porcupine, keeping people away, I was always stressed out, constantly frustrated, often resentful. Overtired. Over-committed. Over-giving! 
Unknowingly, I was sending the message that said, “I don’t want or appreciate simple pleasures, so don’t waste your time giving them to me.”
But, really... I'm getting a little ahead in my story.
My life began as a 'normal' little one, with two'normal' parents, living in a 'normal' home in England - until everything changed at age 7. One day, we just got on a big ship, sailed away and eventually landed in a place called, "Canada".  I felt displaced. I grew up feeling that empty, lonely, unworthy, were now “normal”.  
I watched as my Mother appeared to compromise herself to support my Father's dream of a ‘better life’ in a new place. I wasn't aware that this was the perfect training to become an "Over-Giving, People-Pleasing, Perfectionistic, Oh-So-Busy, Good-Girl."  Because Mum was always upset, and Dad was always working, I felt responsible for looking after everyone and everything!
As a child, the adults around me did the best that they knew how. However, their inner turmoil often helped create the Beliefs that I lived as Truth. As a child, I had already accepted the beliefs that would influence my adult-decisions, leading to my own painful behaviour and self-rejecting choices. Because, like most of us, inner wounds received as a child fester, deeply hidden, under the brave face we show the world.  (Ask me about 'Face Reading' sometime, as many aspects of your life's story are written for all to see, right there on your face!)
Limiting Core Beliefs are the thoughts like "I don't matter and I'm unworthy". The pain drives our behaviour as we choose ways to shield and soothe ourselves. The Beliefs and inner wounds of adults are passed down to children. The cycle just goes on, and on, and on - until we make a clear and distinct decision to stop it!
With an insatiably curious mind, I was driven to search for life's meaning through the study of philosophy, biology, spirituality, psychology. As an adult, I finally became aware that my constant care-giving was based on nasty, nagging Beliefs - like "There's something wrong with me"  and "I need to be fixed."
Even though my early life appeared to be "all good," on the outside, it clearly wasn't. 
The effects of my early years, took me down dark, difficult paths with lots of anxiety, frustration and depression. I got stuck, spun my wheels and got myself entrenched in more muck that looked like poor decisions, harmful habits and self-sabotaging behaviours. I fell into familiar roles of care-taker, peacemaker, people-pleaser, perfectionist, responsible for everyone and everything around me. Becoming the Perfect-Busy-Good-Girl resulted in feeling that no matter how much I did, it wasn't 'enough'.
At night I was consumed with the worry that I wasn't DOing enough for others, or not BEing what I should BE. Life was passing me by and I just didn't 'get it', like everyone else. Not surprisingly, I became depressed, felt hopelessly and helplessly stuck, so a doctor prescribed medication.
Predictably, medication simply masked my feelings and I became "dumb & numb". Medication had reinforced the Belief: " There's something wrong with me.Masking my symptoms did nothing to resolve the real issues. The medication was a false numbness and I felt ... NOTHING. That wasn't 'better'. It was clearly time to do something different!
Finally, I was referred to a non-judgmental Coach-Therapist, who helped me identify my limiting Beliefs. Releasing the limiting Beliefs altered my perspective, so I could find the courage use the inner wisdom needed to heal. In the process, I discovered the Path to Better Living!

And Now...?

Now, I enjoy my life. Now, I work with body, mind, spirit, energy and emotions because I enjoy the inner peace of knowing how to create self-empowerment and take positive actions to move my life forward. Today, I show others how to collaboratively, playfully use inner detective work to powerfully align the Head (thoughts) and Heart (feelings).
YES!  Now, I know what it's like to be on the other side! 
I know how it feels to have a brighter, more positive perspective. A life where I wake up energized, eager to face the day. Understand I'm on the Right Path. I have the freedom to do what I choose; when I choose; and, with whom I choose. I OWN my life, instead of my life owning me.
YES!  Now, I want that same sense of FREEDOM for others!  
I am free to work passionately with the people I choose - like You?  People who ask the bigger questions about the meaning of life and their Purpose in it. Those who are ready to discover a healthier, happier, next best version of themselves.
YES!  Now, I make my life count!
Because, all we have is NOW. This life is not a dress rehearsal. There's no 'Do-Over’.
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Seven Key Advantages of Working with Lorraine

  1. Knowledgeable, Experienced & Professional –  Formerly a teacher and leader in Education, with additional certification in coaching, clearing inner beliefs and hypnotherapy, she has extensive knowledge about motivation and the transformation needed to achieve your best results.
  2. Member of National Guild of Hypnotists & Fully Insured – She's covered and accountable, She's recognized for 'Excellence in Client Results.'
  3. Client Centered Service – Her uniquely customized programs are delivered in a caring, secure, private, confidential way, with on-going support available between sessions.
  4. Free Consultation – She first establishes whether you're a good match for working together, so you can have confidence in your desired results.
  5. Session Recordings – When working one-to-one, sessions may be recorded. Also, additional audio recordings for support between sessions, may be available.
  6. Flexible Hours – Online programs offer flexible hours and are presented in bite-size modules. Your time zone and personal schedule are never a problem!
  7. Relaxed Pace –  The sessions are well designed to suit a busy lifestyle and maximize your results.
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