Midlife Awakening At the Edge of Fulfillment


A program you won't want to miss!


'Midlife Awakening At The Edge of Fulfillment'


Featuring enlightened guests, sharing insights and experiences, as they've found ways to create more balanced living.

Join us to explore and discover new possibilities and perspectives in the second-half of life.

Each unique weekly program talks about purposeful living, deepening relationships and different ways to come HOME within ourselves.

Because... feeling more satisfied and fulfilled can be elusive, until someone shows  you how to...  squeeze more juice out of life!

Broadcast LIVE Friday @ 10:00 AM ET

on the Head Heart Synergy Facebook Biz-Page

W4WN.com [click Listen LIVE!] or Talk4TV.com



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Mid-Life Awakening At The Edge of Fulfillment Radio/Talk4TV Program

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Join us for this TV and radio broadcast dedicated to those who recognize the experience of Midlife Awakening, as you hear the inner call to move beyond the edge, and into more fulfillment in the second-half of your life!

This program is for you, if you've ever wondered...

  • Why does something feel like it's missing in my life?
  • Life goes by fast! Why does it seem that I'm always "just settling?"
  • Wow... is this all there is? 
  • I'm tired, frustrated or anxious after giving so much, to so many for so long! I wonder, when's it my turn?
  • How will I cope, now that ______ is gone?
  • I know how to make everyone else happy, but don't really know what brings joy to my life...
  • I want to have a positive impact, but how am I contributing? What will be my legacy? 

Questions?  Email:  support@headheartsynergy.com


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